To apply for a visa, and to check your visa status before travel, contact the Thai Embassy or Consulate in your own country (see list of Thai Embassies & Consulates abroad). A passport valid for at least three months from your entry date is required for entry into the country. Once a visa is issued at your country of origin it must be used within 90 days

Transit & Tourist Visas

Citizens of 56 different nationalities, including most of the large western countries, may enter Thailand without a visa for a period of 30 days without charge. This visa may be extended in Thailand for a period of one week at a cost of 500 baht at the discretion of the immigration officer. It’s also possible to leave the country and re-enter with a 30-day free visa for an unlimited number of trips.
Citizens of a further 76 nationalities, including many African and Latin American nations, are eligible to 15-day Transit Visas. Transit Visas are issued on arrival with a payment of 300 baht and may only be extended at the discretion of the Immigration Division. Certain other nationalities may be required to obtain a visa in advance of travel.
The Tourist Visa is valid for 60 days at a cost of US$15. The Tourist Visa may be extended by a further 30 days at the Immigration Division on Soi Suan Phlu in Bangkok or at Immigration Offices in other provinces. The cost of extension is 500 baht and only one extension is granted.

Non-Immigrant Visas
The 90-day Non-Immigrant Visa must be obtained in advance, outside of Thailand. It costs US$20. Visits to friends and family, work or extended business trips, study and retirement are all considered good reasons for issuance of the visa. Visitors with Non-Immigrant Business Visas are permitted unlimited entry in and out of the country, however you must leave the country every 90 days. Extension of Non-Immigrant Visas may be made at the discretion of the Immigration Officer. Success depends on your reasons for the extension, appearance and supporting documentation. The fee for the extension is 500 baht. It may then be necessary to report to the Immigration Office on a regular basis (the period is stamped in your passport) until the actual extension is granted. Certain categories of workers, executives and retirees may be able to extend the visa for a full year.

Re-Entry Permits
Visitors wishing to leave and re-enter the country may obtain a Re-Entry Permit at an Immigration Office or at the Immigration Counter at Bangkok International Airport (Terminal 1). The cost is 500 baht and a passport-size photo is required. The process normally takes a few minutes.

Immigration Office
Immigration Office
Soi Suan Phlu, Sathorn Tai Road,
Bangkok 10120
Tel: +66 2 287 3101 to 10
Tip: Anyone planning to stay in Thailand for any length of time should keep a ready supply of photos and copies of your passport. These are always handy in case of loss of your passport or for the red tape that you are sure to encounter at immigration counters and other government offices.

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